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Game name JetX
Provider SmartSoft Gaming
RTP 97%
Betting range 0.1-100 credits
Maximum multiplier X100
Minimum multiplier X1.00
Adaptation for mobile devices Yes
Progressive Jackpot Yes, it is given out randomly, without any conditions

Crash game JetX will appeal to those who do not like to watch the rotation of drums with boring pictures, but wants to be able to get a quick and solid profit. Theme of the game – the conquest of the heights of space. Betting on one or more ships, you can get big winnings. It is important to learn how to listen to intuition. The less emotions the player shows, the more he will win. Run the machine can be in demo mode and with real money bets.

Developed this entertainment studio Smart Soft Games in 2021. The company is known for its innovative approach to gaming. It has been working in the world of gambling since 2015. And each development does not go unnoticed by players.

JetX Crash Game Plot

The gameplay of Crash games is based on the fact that at any moment the draw can stop. Consequently, the longer the gambler waits, the more he can win. In this slot machine there are 3 spaceships that are rapidly gaining altitude. You can bet on 1, 2 or three machines at once. To win you need to take your bet with your odds until the moment when the spaceship explodes. In any case, the probable winnings are worth the risk. Odds above x20 are not uncommon in the game.

Jet X rules

The Jet X game does not require a long explanation. To win, you need to bet on one of the spacecrafts or all of them at once. Recruitment of altitude by flying machines – automatic increase of the bet multiplier. Winning means stopping the flying machine. You have to do this before it explodes.

On the game screen, the multiplier is constantly increasing, which allows you to monitor the progress of the bet. At one point the ship explodes. When it happens is determined by a random number generator. There will be no outward signs of an approaching disaster. If you want to win, wait as long as possible. But losing means losing your bet with all the winnings possible on it.

Fair Play Guarantee

JetX is considered a maximum fair game with a high RTP of over 97%. The results of the draw are determined by a certified RTP. No one can interfere in its work. Therefore, neither the casino nor the player will affect the final result. Each bet played as honestly as possible, as evidenced by independent international certificates issued by the team of developers on their HSCh. The machine can be used in licensed casinos, the activities of which are controlled by law.

Strategies and tactics in the game JetX

JetX refers to the category of gambling entertainment in which winning depends not only and not so much on the random number generator. The behavior of the gambler largely determines how much you can win. That is why there are several working strategies that are virtually guaranteed to increase the balance of the deposit. Consider them in more detail.

Least risk tactic in JetX

Can be called the most guaranteed option to win, though it will be small, but stable. Ideal for beginners who do not want to or are afraid of taking big risks. It will also be ideal for those who do not have a lot of money for the game, but want to improve their financial situation.

The essence of the strategy is as simple as possible – to take the winnings at low odds. For example, almost immediately after the rocket launch, the multiplier rises to x1.2-1.3. At this point, it is possible to pick up a bet with a small winnings. The probability that the rocket will explode immediately after the launch is minimal. But with some patience and perseverance to increase your deposit with minimal losses is quite a realistic task.

Professionals recommend not getting too carried away with this way of earning. It is necessary to take small breaks to get rid of the automatism of action. Otherwise, the risk of losing money increases manifold.

Moderate risk in Jet X

This game is for more patient gamblers who are ready for a small loss. For this tactic, you need to have a sufficient balance in your account, because it anticipates some losses with significant winnings.

The essence of the tactic is to take away the bet at the moment when the rocket reaches the odds of x2 or x3. The probability of winning in this case is a little over 40%, but its amount is much higher than at odds of x1.2. Consequently, the prizes will cover the costs and increase the deposit.

The big risk

This option is suitable for those who bet for a long time in a row on the slot. Tactics anticipate betting on a large coefficient, which falls about once every 1-2 hours. The maximum multiplier in the game is x2000. Yes, he falls out not so often, but x50 and x100 to catch quite realistic.

If after an hour of play large multipliers did not fall out, it makes sense to take the risk. To do this, it is better to make several bets in a row on all flying machines. One of them surely sooner or later will give the desired result. But there is no guarantee that it will be in a particular run.

How to download the game application JetX

The game is designed for use in online casinos. You can’t download it directly to your PC or mobile gadget. It can only be installed as part of the application of a particular gambling establishment.

How to download the game JetX on PC

Not all online casinos have clients for installation on computers. If you have no desire to play through a browser JetX, you should look for an institution which has its own program for Windows. Download and install it from the official website of the institution. The process does not require any special knowledge and skills.

How to download JetX slot on iPhone (ios)

Unfortunately, JetX in the AppStore is not distributed either independently or as part of an online casino system. Any gambling entertainment through the official store is not distributed. To be able to run the game at any time on your apple smartphone, you need to look for a casino with this game and program for mobile devices.

You can download JetX as part of the application from the official website. To do this, you need to use a special installer file. It will unpack and install the program. It works only with a stable Internet connection.

How to download the game to your cell phone (android)

PlayMarket JetX also does not add. But downloading the application to smartphones with the Android system is much easier. There are many more casinos that have a program for this operating system. The logic of installation is the same as for the iPhone: find the link on the official site to download the installer, run the casino program.

These methods are suitable for playing for money. After authorization in the system JetX can be run for free and in betting mode from the player’s account. This is a great option to pass the time in line, on a break, on the road. Free minute will be profitable even when ordinary people can not earn.

Where to play JetX

JetX game is designed for online casinos and only used there. Therefore, there is no other way to find this entertainment. Only virtual gambling establishments where this software is added.

Choosing the right casino is not that easy. To do this, you need to decide what you want to get out of the game. For the demo mode suitable for any institution, because it does not need registration. Bets can be placed an unlimited number of times and restart the deposit. But to use real money to give preference to proven licensed gambling clubs. Information about them can be found on various profile resources.

After choosing a platform on it, you need to create a personal account. To do this is not difficult, because many casinos offer standard ways. Legal institutions require mandatory verification. This is another proof that the site is reliable and ready to protect the interests of its users.

To bet money is necessary to have a positive balance on deposit. To begin with, you can make a minimum deposit. It will be enough to get a taste of it. Further, larger bets can be made from the winnings received or replenish the account repeatedly.

Everything! Now the only thing left to find a game in the catalog of the site and run it in the right mode. Rules of the machine are clear at a glance. Additionally, it has an information section, which describes all the nuances of betting and winning.

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